Tim Bickerton.



“ At this moment in my career, I’m dealing with paintings that appear instantaneous : a result of full application, focused yet impulsive.  My paintings are about ‘the act of painting’. 
Sketches, collages, pre-work on paper : all of this, showing the state of mind I am in, at this moment, but also telling me where the idea started. “

Paintings that just happen.

Tim gets great satisfaction from his various works, done quickly, in learning to draw quickly.  Sometimes, he will use a television, just looking at the screen and then drawing, overlaying images, as quickly as they are changing, layer after layer of imagery.

Splattering paint on the canvas, Tim watches the paint move and then begins sculpting it and directing its movement :
“ I find the debris, left around me, as interesting ! A source of reference, as the intended subject.  These ‘accidents’ happen naturally. 
I am still trying to use images I have seen on the streets of India, through the past years of travelling.  Discarded fabrics, plastics, colours brash and bold, urban colours in an earth-toned environment : the human foot-print on the landscape – they splash, they run on my canvas. 

The images are observations, fleeting moments, landscapes, objects, colours : subliminally emerging, not in any controlled order.  I prefer to look at the act of painting, more as a reflex – rather than having a conventional way of looking at the world. “


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