vision sets tone.


G4 AGENCY stands for high-end design : furniture and lighting.  Discover an inspirational blend of sophisticated collections.  Most of these brands are family-owned businesses, with a rich tradition in design, in which craftsmanship and skills are key-words.  The close relationship between designers and manufacturers is also reflected in the connection between Johan Lenaerts, Dirk Buytaert and their team towards the range they represent.  At G4 AGENCY they tend to reveal the origin, the content and also the labour - three aspects that are reflected in the prices of their collections.

All these collections tell a story and aim to restore a relation between product and user.  The basic rule that you will find in every single brand is this aspiration to top-quality, emotion, elegance and aesthetically sustainability.  G4 AGENCY's approach is to bring this understated luxury to the market.

You will find our focus as well on a small and selective group of high-end retailers as on a wide network of architects, interiordesigners, interiordecorators and contract consultants.  If you are a professional, we speak your language.

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