Stefan Annerel


Stefan Annerel
Contemporary artist, living and working in Antwerp, Belgium

His works present itself as shiny, transparent and abstract.  These powerful works, are blown-ups of details from reality.  
Annerel isolates motives, which he borrows from everyday images ( advertisement photographs, patterns of textiles, ... i.e. all sorts of 'images trouvées' )
and blows them up, to such a size that they are no longer recognisable.
Or rather : to such a size that they just become unrecognisable, because looking at these images amounts to balancing between seeing and not seeing, to anticipating the slight shock of sudden recognition, which, however, usually does not follow-but only just.  
Annerel's images are like words that are on the tip of one's tongue.
And there they stay, eluding us.

It's like being almost happy, because we almost overcome a failing memory.

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