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Dear visitor,

The health of our clients, guests and our team is our primary focus ! Visiting our G4-showroom in Antwerp, is only possible after a strict appointment and with a maximum of 4 people at the same time.

For 2020 - in line with the actual situation - and following the rationale of the many organisations - all trade-fairs have been postponed to 2021.  This gives our manufacturers the space and time to focus on their new strategies for the near future !
In close delibaration we can organise personalized company visits - to enable our partners to discover in a complete save and relaxed environement - the production of our collections.  Do contact us for more information !

Schedule also your appointment at the HENGE showroom during 'MILANO DESIGN CITY' - a city design festival from 28/09 > 10/10.  
HENGE invites you to discover the #20 COLLECTION. 

Via della Spiga 7, MILANO 

Stay tuned and take good care of yourself and your loved ones ! 

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